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North Gower (Ottawa), Ontario, Canada
Besides our wide selection of alpaca duvets, socks, blankets and other products, Magpie Hill Alpacas offers alpaca breeding, stud services, alpaca sales, alpaca boarding (agisting) and more. We offer a selection of alpaca breeding stock, future herd sires as well as pet-quality/fiber quality/geldings.


Welcome to Magpie Hill Alpacas. Our 20 acre alpaca farm is located a few minutes South of Ottawa, Ontario in North Gower, a friendly little village that we're proud to be a part of.

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Alpaca Duvets

Alpaca is incredibly warm, strong and light-weight, as well as non-allergenic and breathable. It is the best alternative for the health and eco-conscious consumer providing you with a warm, comfortable, healthy environment for sleep. A healthy and sustainable alternative to wool or down.


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Alpaca Canada


Alpaca Canada


Alpaca Canada